One of the advantages of doing a joint blog is having a writing partnership. Someone to cover things if you find yourself a bit busy. That’s the hope anyway. But when curves get thrown for both of you, then the radio silence sets in regardless (as those of you who have been subscribed for more than a month might have noticed).

We started this blog as an examination of a specific question; the post-atheist experience, moving on after you’ve processed the loss of belief, finding that orienting compass and inspiration in new places.

We also set ourselves on a schedule. A certain number of posts, in a certain time, with regularly scheduled filler in-between.

In addition to life itself having other plans that threw off our writing, the schedule and specific focus became more of an obligation with deadlines, and less of an enjoyable creative outlet.

That eventually led to refocusing by unfocusing; dropping our “mission statement”, an expected schedule, and writing for any purpose other than journaling our interests and curiosities (we’re quite pleased with the redesigned theme too). Perhaps that’s a much better way to uncover things unfound.