The most unusual commercial during the U.S. National Holiday known as the Super Bowl was arguably Squarespace’s Dreaming with Jeff, featuring Jeff Bridges chanting with a meditation bell in a couple’s room while they sleep peacefully (and only Bridges could pull this off; with anyone else it would have been creepy).

Squarespace is a stellar next-gen web development platform with a true social consciousness. They lack the instant community that one gets plugged into on WordPress, but the two platforms are spiritual cousins and I’ve enjoyed using Squarespace previously on a few occasions – and currently to support these guys.

What’s Dreaming with Jeff about? It’s a project by Bridges designed for “too many restless people in need of rest”, featuring guided meditations, intriguing sounds, and stories, all designed to help you relax. And wrapped up in some wonderfully surrealist packaging.

100% of the proceeds go to No Kid Hungry, whether your taste is in vinyl, exclusive collector vinyl, cassette (yes, really) or digital download. Neither Jeff nor Squarespace are making a profit.

Go ahead. You could use a guided meditation from America’s own Zen cowboy. And take an extra step towards ending childhood hunger in America.

Pleasant dreams.