Vapor Communications in Paris is working on the oPhone- a technology that will allow you to send a smell to someone via Bluetooth, SMS, even Twitter.

From the Science Daily article-

“We create unique aromatic profiles,” says Blake Armstrong, director of business communications at Vapor Communications, an organization operating out of Le Laboratorie (Le Lab) in Paris. “We put that into the oChip that faithfully renders that smell.”

Supposedly the odors are deconstructed at the molecular level, allowing for several base odors to be combined in various quantities and strengths to produce different aromas in a Lego brick sort of approach. So you could send the smell of coffee (in which case you can call me anytime), flowers, the tuna fish sandwich you had for lunch, etc. Restaurants could have a call-in menu of the day. Or there may be more, um… creative combinations they haven’t mentioned. And neither will I, but admit it, you’ve already gone there.

It may not have been part of their business plan, but the company has also succeeded in coming up with the best reason yet for the FAA to keep the ban on cell phones during commercial flights.

Their primary target markets include bored nouveau-rich housewives, and fans of Adam Sandler movies. (ok I made that last bit up. Mostly.)

Full article via Science Daily